Christmas and the end of the year

Christmas is a period that is beautiful and has an absolutely unique atmosphere, but it is also a precursor to the end of the year. The period, which is associated with the bouts of celebration, the period when it rethrows, however, the menu is a lot more varied than it was a few days earlier. There are no limits on New Year's entertainment and you can think about your purchase on time if you have a leaflet Albert.

After all, even the last evening of the year has its classics in terms of dishes. In this evening, there are more small snacks in the form of sandwiches and canines. The absolute classics are sandwiches with potato salad, ham, cheese and cucumbers. If you want to try something else this year, let Albert go home with all its tastes, fragrances and inspirations. Maybe the first time this year, and certainly not the last, you try the minirolls on the sweet. Not only do they keep you, but you'll love them for their cute looks.