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What to Consider When Purchasing an Air Hockey Table

Acquiring an air hockey table is without a doubt a good investment for any game room. It can offer hours of fun entertainment for players of all age and different level of skill. However, not every kind of air hockey table can meet the needs of players. Therefore, the inescapable question is, how do you acquire the perfect air hockey table.? In the guide we will assist you in deciding which type of air hockey table is right for you. Below are a few factors one ought to consider when purchasing an air hockey table.

When choosing an air hockey table, size is one factor that will matter. A standard tables accepted by the laws of the game is 8-feet long and 4-feet wide. This is the perfect sized table for serious players and also suitable for commercial use. Having a regulation size air hockey table enables you to hold contests and even draw pro players to your premise. Not every individual, though, has the space for the regulation size table, and I perhaps why these tables come in smaller-sized options ranging from 4 – 7.5 feet long. The sizes minimizes the hassle as you can identify an air hockey table that suits your particular space. Whichever the size you decide on, you should ensure you have a clearance of not less than 36 inches on both ends. That is to ensure that a player has full range movement while playing the game.

In addition to that, you have to choose if you will pick a small puck or large puck. Tables designed for the smaller 2.75 inches puck are fitted with a fan enough to yield pressure to elate small puck; on the other hand, air hockey tables designed for the bigger 3 inches pucks hold a stronger fan. Air hockey tables for small pucks are a suitable selection for children and younger teenagers. Nevertheless, they may not be a good option for the older players as the small pucks can fly off the table if hit with more force.

Furthermore, look at material quality when shopping for an air hockey table. You want to go for an air hockey table designed from top-quality material because it guarantees you years of gameplay. Go for selection with high-density aluminum or nylon to ensure that the rink walls last as they face frequent impact when playing.

Additionally, you should know how you will be keeping scores. Some tables are fitted with digital scoring that trails every goal made in a match. On the other hand, some are equipped with manual scoring equipment such as a whiteboard. Ensure that you go for the scoring tool that will fit your needs.

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